Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions govern booking the Georgian from Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Company (referred to as WMBC) on the date, period and function as specified. The Hirer may only alter these conditions with the written consent of WMBC.


1.1. A Quote is binding for 14 days from the date stated on the quote. Prices may change without notice. Public daily cruise bookings do not require a quote.

1.2. The Hirer shall notify WMBC of the nature of the function at the booking time. WMBC may, at its absolute discretion and without giving any reason, refuse the booking.

1.3. A non-refundable £100.00 deposit is required to confirm the booking, thus accepting these terms with the balance payable seven days before the booking date. Non-payment of any invoice within prescribed terms will cancel the booking. In that case, WMBC will retain the total paid to cover costs, which is non-refundable. The non-refundable deposit does not apply to public daily cruise bookings.

1.4. Any person named on the booking shall be considered the Hirer. Where two or more persons are designated, they shall each be considered the Hirer. They shall be jointly and liable under these conditions. Should personnel change within a corporate booking, the “Company” is the Hirer.

1.5. The Hirer shall notify WMBC of the minimum numbers expected 14 days before the event. WMBC will be used for the final invoice payable no later than seven days before the booking. Any further increase in numbers will be invoiced at the time of request and due before the booking.

1.6. The Hirer must settle account Bars on board at the end of the event. Failure to do so will result in an invoice for the account bar, including an admin fee of 10% of the account bar. WMBC will charge interest on the balance due at the rate of 1% per month from the invoice’s date if not paid within seven days.

1.7. Once booked, any Pier changes may incur a ‘change of Pier’ charge. Any unscheduled Pier stops during the booking, for whatever reason, will be charged to the Hirer.


2.1. Cancellation by you within 14 days before the booking date will result in full payment. Before this period, cancellation shall receive a refund of funds paid excluding the non-refundable deposit (non-refundable deposit does not apply to public daily cruise bookings).

2.2. Cancellation by Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Company will result in a full refund.

2.3. If we cannot sail due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure, we shall conduct the cruise tied up alongside if safe to do so. In this instance, WMBC will refund 50% of the boat cruise element and offer a 20% discount off the boat cruise element on a future cruise.


3.1. We are happy to alter the booking if you require, subject to cost, seven days before the booking date. Alterations after this time may not be possible.

3.2. We shall do our best to deliver the booking as agreed; however, we shall inform you as soon as possible if an alteration is required.


4.1. The Skipper is in charge of the Georgian and shall conduct their operation in compliance with MCA regulations and company policy. You can view these policies on board.

4.2. You and your guests must take account of their safety and that of other passengers. You will be liable for any damage or accident caused by you or your guests.

4.3. You cannot bring any food or drink aboard unless pre-arranged. By the arrangement, anything brought on board shall be subject to a corkage charge.

4.4. If the Hirer brings onboard any item(s), these will remain the Hirer’s responsibility. WMBC cannot be held responsible for any lost possessions.

4.5. A cleaning charge may apply when guests do not respect our property to cover mainly carpets and upholstery if unduly soiled during a function period.

4.6. If the Skipper considers it necessary to vary the scheduled trip for the weather, tidal or other reasons, his decision will be final.

4.7. The Skipper will endeavour to bring the Georgian alongside 15 minutes before the bookings times to facilitate the boarding and disembarkation.

4.8. WMBC reserves the right to demand a security deposit which will be refundable, less the cost of any breakages or losses, after completing the booking.

4.9. The Hirer and guests cannot board until 15 minutes before the pre-arranged charter time.

4.10. The Georgian is a licensed premise between 10:00 am, and 01:00 am. Our licence holder onboard has final jurisdiction on all liquor-related matters. No alcohol may be served or consumed to anyone under 18 or appearing to be underage. Proof of age may be required. WMBC reserves the right to ask any guests who abuse this rule or purchase drinks on behalf of minors to leave the Georgian and the police notified.

4.11. Nothing shall be fastened to any part of the Georgian by any means whatsoever without the prior written consent of WMBC. Any advertising needs to be agreed with the PLA or EA independently by the Hirer.


No smoking is allowed inside the Georgian.


The Hirer must notify any dietary requirements to WMBC at least seven days before the booking date. Failure to do so will result in your guest not being catered for on the day and no refund given.


We will, wherever practical, aid the safe access and egress of passengers with disabilities. Prior knowledge is helpful. It is the Skippers’ decision, whether it is possible to accommodate passengers with a disability.


If the Hirer has any observations or comments during the booking, a representative from WMBC, the Skipper or crew will be happy to discuss this. If you have a complaint, please make this known at the time and in writing within three days. Failure to comply will indemnify WMBC from the payment of any compensation.


During the booking, WMBC may take pictures of your group for our printed, internet and social media marketing. The Hirer agrees for these images being used free of charge. Should you object to this after your booking, please inform us via email to sales@wmbcboats.com, and we will remove this from our marketing in due course. If the image is in printed media, it shall remain until the end of the materials marketing campaign.


Other than death, injury or illness caused by company negligence, liability is limited to the invoice amount.


In the case of own catering, then payment of their invoice indicates acceptance of the Own Catering Terms and Conditions. The Own Catering Terms and Conditions are available upon request.


In the case of own entertainment, then payment of their invoice indicates acceptance of the Own Entertainment Terms and Conditions. The Own Entertainment Terms and Conditions are available upon request.


Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Company is a trading name of BerksbookingBoats Ltd.
Registered address:
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