Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. You are more than welcome to call or email us your questions; however, you may find the answer you are looking for here.

Is there disabled access to The Georgian?

The Georgians accessibility was not a priority in her design in 1996, and there is minimal scope for modernisation. However, we do our best to help. The Georgian has modern toilets and central heating for those chilly days; yet, more importantly, it has open spaces for those sunny ones.

For groups that find steps a challenge, we suggest you request a Windsor departure as the coach can drop off within 20 feet of the vessel with a maximum of two steps onto the Georgian (This can be less if the water level is low). There are around 12 steps down to the water and a further two onto the vessel for a Maidenhead departure.

When boarding the Georgian, we have two crew members on hand to help support those who need it. It is with regret that we cannot board wheelchairs. Once inside the vessel, four steps lead down into the saloon where we serve the food or seven steps up to the top deck.

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What is the maximum number of guests?

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency conduct a load line experiment on the Georgian every five years. The load line experiment gives us a license to carry 11,250kg, equaling 150 passengers. Giving us the maximum number of guests. Not everyone weighs the same, so we have a load line painted on the vessel’s side. This line submerges below the water if we exceed the 11,250kg. Therefore, if the load line is submerged, some guests will have to stay behind even if you have less than 150 passengers. As that would be too upsetting to ask, we mitigate this risk by reducing our maximum to 125 guests. You can exceed 125 guests to 150, but you must be prepared to ask some to stay behind if the line submerges. There is no exception to this rule.
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Does the boat actualy move?

Yes. The Georgian is a floating hospitality venue that moves along the Thames. Depending on your cruise’s length, we may pass through locks and under bridges that require us to lower the top deck roof! The river is generally calm, and the Gerogan is very stable in the water, so people rarely feel seasick

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Can I bring my own alcohol?

The simple answer is no. The Georgian is a floating licensed premise with a bar on board, so we have strict alcohol consumption rules. However, we do offer corkage on wine, sparkling wine and champagne only. We ask that you have this chilled beforehand if required and we will serve this using our glassware. If you do bring anything on board that has is not pre-arranged, then it will be confiscated.

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Can I do my own food?

Yes, you can bring your own food. We class this as own catering. There are some additional terms and conditions that you will need to follow. You only have 15 minutes at boarding so you may need to pay for extra time to set up and clear away before and after your cruise. Please remember that what you bring you must take away with you.

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Are pets allowed?

Yes. If you feel your pets will be happy with being afloat, then they are more than welcome. Please do consider the cruise duration and other guests. When nature calls, there is nowhere to run to, and you may face a cleaning fee!

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