Sustainability Policy

At The Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Company, we recognise the importance of preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to operating The Georgian, in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. Our green/sustainability policy includes the following initiatives:

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Reduce our carbon footprint

We will reduce our carbon footprint by using clean energy sources, such as a higher percentage of biofuels, to power The Georgian and by using energy-efficient lighting and appliances onboard, where possible. We will also aim to run our engines in a fuel-efficient manner with regular servicing and a complete maintenance program, as well as shutting them down wherever possible rather than idling.

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Reduce waste and pollution.

We will minimise waste and pollution by reducing plastic waste by providing reusable cups and still and sparkling water by the glass rather than the bottle onboard. We will also recycle whenever possible. All waste water and usage generated onboard the Georgian is stored in tanks before being pumped ashore rather than into the river.

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Promote sustainable tourism

We will encourage our passengers to take part in sustainable tourism by educating them about the local environment, wildlife, and cultural heritage. We will also support local businesses that promote sustainable practices.

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Monitor our environmental impact

We will regularly monitor our environmental impact and assess our progress in reducing our carbon footprint, waste, and pollution. We will use this information to improve our operations and minimise our impact on the environment.

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Educate our staff

We will provide our staff with regular training and education on environmental issues, so they are aware of our policies and procedures and can help us achieve our sustainability goals.

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Continuous improvement

We will continually review and update our green/sustainability policy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective in promoting sustainable practices on The Georgian and in our operations.

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We are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the beauty of the Thames for future generations to enjoy. We believe that our green/sustainability policy will help us achieve this goal, and we encourage our passengers to join us in this effort.

Your Event On The Thames

Here at the Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Company, we like to make sure your event on the Thames is one to remember.

As a family-based business, we like bringing people together. Be it for a social occasion or corporate functions.

We hope you find our website useful. We have four main areas below to help guide your general enquiry.  Further on you will find direct links to information regarding The Georgian, our menus, entertainment and our beverages.

Enjoy A Meal With A View As We Cruise The Thames

Our daily cruise offering departs from Maidenhead but must be booked in advance. You can choose between lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.  This way you are booking a table and not the whole boat. Make the Georgian your new favourite restaurant.

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Quality You Can Trust For Your Event

Get out of the office for your next corporate event and spend the day on the Thames. The Georgian has a versatile layout making her ideal for team building, product launches, and board meetings. We also have a number of packages to help you stick to your budget.

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Create Everlasting Memories On The Thames

The Georgian is a superb venue for your wedding party or celebration, such as birthdays, anniversaries or even a school prom. Above all else we want you to enjoy your special occasion, so we are here to help make your event one to remember.

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Plan Your Perfect Day Trip Out Afloat

Enjoy a premium day out on the Thames with your group. Each trip includes a food element and a live commentary or entertainment—also, the all-important cup of tea or coffee. Minimum group numbers apply; however, you will have full private use of the vessel.